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Discussion in 'Linux / Unix Discussion' started by shaunyboy, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. shaunyboy

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    For some reason my main user account has fudged up and kicks itself off the computer when the desktop loads.

    Easy I thought, create a new user, move everything across from /home/user1 to home/user2 and chown all files recursively and hey presto, all my files and settings will be accessable and implemented.

    Yes for the files, no for the settings (eg my news feeds, kopete accounts etc). What have I missed out? Are there conf files elsewhere ie outside the /home directory?

    edit; it worked with thunderbird which was all contained in a folder /home/shaun/thunderbird, not in the /usr/bin.
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    are you remembering to move all the hidden files?

    there are alot of .kde .etcetcetc files (. files/dirs = hidden)
    your copy job might not be copying them

    check with ls -la
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  3. shaunyboy

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    Yup, bit of a pain having to remember the command line and i had to do cp home/shaun/* seperate from /home/shaun/.* for some reason.

    I think Ive got to the bottom of it, some of the /. files have info specific to the previous home account ie they reference a conf file in /home/user1 rather than /home/user2, so even tho I own it they are still looking for files in the original account. I could get round this I guess by chown'ing the original /home/user1 so user2 has rwx access but I can't be bothered.

    Still don't know why my original a/c kicks me off, the last thing I installed was ymessenger (yahoo messenger) thru an rpm designed for rh9 but did work fine. Not seen anyone else complain, ne'er mind, kopete is better anyhoo.


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