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More security problems bite Apple

Discussion in 'News' started by AJ, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. AJ

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    More security problems bite Apple

    Experts have uncovered a serious security hole in the way Apple software handles downloaded files.

    The flaw could give malicious attackers a back door into Mac computers if users visit carefully crafted websites and download booby-trapped files.

    The full story HERE
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    1. darrenecm
      This article once again raised an issue I frequently encounter when relatives of mine buy a PC and ask me to set it up and secure it for them. Specifically:

      Windows suffers from a similar problem but it appears to be a problem by default design on the part of Microsoft. As you may know, Windows XP enables the "Hide extensions by known file type" feature by default, thereby limiting the users ability to recognise the type of a file purely by the icon associated with it. Isn't it still possible for unscrupulous coders to give their executable program files any cutom icon they wish? If so is it not then simply a matter of giving it an icon that appears non-executable such as a picture, audio or video file? Or has this filetype security issue been fixed recently?

      Hopefully the DEP (Data Execution Prevention) that Windows XP provides can help to catch this but even so, inexperienced users may not immediately recognise the danger and will merrily continue on with execution. I wonder why Microsoft continue to have this extension stealth feature active at all in it's OS? I fail to see the need for it and always deactivate it. Giving me the extension AND the icon to see what I'm dealing with is surely the better option?

      Then again if I chose to be cynical, maybe it's a sinister plan to have us all instantly migrate to Windows Vista and it's security bells & whistles when it finally arrives...surely not [​IMG]

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