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More good news on the "kill drm" front

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by ffreeloader, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. ffreeloader

    ffreeloader Terabyte Poster

    I've had more than a few conversations about this subject in which I said that screwing over the consumer by trying to take away their rights was very counterproductive to business, as the consumer is the one that holds all the power in the relationship. No consumer is forced to buy anything, and if sales are really slumping, then something is wrong with the product. Well, once more the news and statistics are showing me to be correct. EMI has recently dropped DRM on their products, and their sales are growing rapidly while the sales for the rest of the industry which hangs onto DRM are still falling, and falling drastically.

    The DRM crowd says just the opposite would happen. They say removing DRM will cost them sales because people would then just be free to steal anything they wanted. Yup. They would be. The only flaw in the DRM crowd's logic is that people aren't stealing more. They are stealing less because they will still pay for perceived value, and DRM lessens perceived value in the eyes of consumers.

    To me this is one of those things about human nature that just can't be ignored. As soon as you tell people you absolutely distrust every one of them, and prove it by trying to limit them in an unreasonable manner, they will turn around and prove you absolutely right. They will say, "screw you", and steal like there is no tomorrow. People will live "up" to every negative expectation you have of them. Give them latitude, give them some trust, and the same people will also live up to that expectation. Sure, there will be some who won't, but the majority will. It seems to be instinctively counterproductive to trust when you know there are people who will steal, but that's what must be done. People will do what's expected of them, whether it be negative or positive, and most people really appreciate someone having positive expectations of them to live up to.

    Look at the latest stats showing this to be true.

    What the DRM crowd said would happen is that as soon as the music was made public in a DRM-free format it would be shared immediately and no one else would buy it. Just the opposite is happening.

    I just love it when jerks do themselves in and it's shown they are doing to themselves despite their accusations against the rest of the world. I wonder when the movie industry and the rest of the music industry is going to get smart, and stop acting like a bunch of, well, the northern ends of southbound horses.

    You can read the rest of this article at the link below.

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  2. Phoenix
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    man i don't get the DRM lark
    at least, not for movies/music other entertainment orientated works
    at the end of the day, anybody who WANTS to get past it can, that's why I can get live HD streams from encrypted cable card set top boxes from the states, to my screen, in about the time it takes to air a show!

    DRM when your paying for something is just plain wrong!
    if I WANT to make a copy of my DVD to my ipod, laptop, PC, playstation, and make another copy just for keeps, then I bloody well will!

    I'm glad EMI, Amazon and Apple are forging ahead with DRM free media
    now if only more of iTunes was DRM free, and if only these dumb network execs understood new media, and not just old media

    new media WILL crush old media in time, in fact one or two rich bloggers/podcasters in the future could really cause some hurt for the old media crowd just by buying a network or some spectrum access
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