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Discussion in 'Just for Laughs' started by nugget, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. nugget
    Honorary Member

    nugget Junior toady

    It can buy a Bed, but not Sleep.
    It can buy a Clock, but not Time.
    It can buy you a Book, but not Knowledge.
    It can buy you a Position, but not Respect.
    It can buy you Medicine, but not Health.
    It can buy you Blood, but not Life.
    It can buy you Sex, but not Love.

    So you see, money isn't everything. And it often causes pain and suffering. I tell you all this because I am your Friend, and as a Friend I want to take away your pain and suffering.

    So send me all your money and I will suffer for you. Cash is fine.
    You know where I live:D
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  2. simongrahamuk
    Honorary Member

    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    I haven't got any money on me, will a cheque do?! :p

    Good one! :biggrin

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