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Modem + Switch what would happen, and what's point of 1 e-net port router?

Discussion in 'Networks' started by zr79, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. zr79

    zr79 Byte Poster

    What would happen if you had say an adsl or cable modem connected to a say 4-port switch with say 2 PCs connected to the switch via ethernet cable.

    I suppose both PCs would just get sent the signal simultaneously, they would both therefore be given the same public IP. Or would it just not work altogeher?

    I supose your ISP would shut down your connection also as it would recognise you had two PCs running on one public IP.

    I have just got hold of a 1-port BT router (voyager 220v router), well it also has 1 x RJ11 phone port and 2 x RJ11(voice phone ports?). I am hoping to use the router to test on someones adsl line whose wireless router is suspected of having packing in, this 1-port BT router was all i could source. I hope it works.

    Just trying to work out the point of this one PC port router, i suppose your meant to add a switch to it if you want more PCs to run of the one WAN ip, why did the makers of this router not add more LAN e-ports to it?

    Why would you ever buy this one e-net port router, is it becuase it supports multi phone RJ11 onnections as well as the main e-port PC connection?

    I suppose if you are using IP phones then this is where the routing comes in, the routing will need to supply a private IP for 3 x RJ11 port and the 1x e-net port.

    Pic of router.

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  2. Sparky
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    Sparky Zettabyte Poster Moderator

    Depends. I think the ADSL port will be the WAN port (this will have the published IP) the ethernet port should have a LAN IP (such as and NAT is used to get the PC access to the web. Therefore you could hook up a few PCs through a seperate switch and NAT will allow the PCs to share the same published IP.

    Cant say for sure though. The last home BT router I used only had a USB port for the PC so connecting a seperate switch wasnt an option.
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