Mixed of exams or one stream only?

Discussion in 'MCAD / MCSD / MCPD' started by treehh, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. treehh

    treehh New Member

    Hey all!

    I'm just wondering if you could mix VB.NET & C# exams in all the exams you plan to take in order to qualify for the MCSD?

    Also, I cannot afford paying $2200 per exam class, how else can you prepare for those multiple choice exam questions other than writing codes and studying the MSPress Self-Training Books?
  2. alvincho

    alvincho New Member

    The programming language is not an important factor in the exams. No question is designed to ask you syntax or grammar of the programming languages. And you can take exams of two languages to get the certification.
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  3. simongrahamuk
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    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    I don't think that you can mix them, but if they are both of interest to you why not simply take the exams you want to take rather than aspiring to a specific cert? I took exams that were of interest to myself in the past and accidently gained my MCSA in the process!

    Unfortunately there is no 'quick fix'. The only way to learn something is to read up on it and implement it, so it's either fork out the money for the classes or buy the book for £30 and work on the stuff yourself.

  4. candyman

    candyman Bit Poster

    Dear all,

    I am looking at the MCSD and think the C# option in better because I have have a couple of years of C/C++ graphics experience from 5-7 years ago. However some training providers offer only the VB.net route. What I want to know is:

    - What is the difference between C# and C++?
    - If the cert is done using VB then would I be able to apply for jobs in either VB or C# if I can demonstrate fluency in C/C++?
    - Does it matter when applying for jobs which language is studied in terms of availability of vacancies (demand) and pay?

    If the programming language does not come up on the exams then why are the modules not combined (VB and C# together)?
  5. JonnyMX

    JonnyMX Petabyte Poster

    Um, actually for 305 and 306 nearly all the questions are about the syntax and grammar of the programming languages. That's why there are two seperate exams for each, one in VB and one in C#.
    Personally, I would stick with one and get good at it. Why try to confuse yourself? Both languages have got their pros and cons. I'm too scared to say what I think they are as I'm sure there are poeple here who have their own strong opinions on the subject.
    I'm doing VB.NET.
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