Mike Meyers PC Guide to Hardware and Operating Systems

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    Hi All. New here. I'm taking a college level course and we are using Mike Meyers PC Guide to Hardware and Mike Meyers PC Guide to Operating Systems. I have read a bunch of reviewers and recommendations on a bunch of sites and heard that the Mike Meyers A+ All In One is a very good book. I wanted to know the difference between the books I'm using in college and the All In One. I was wondering if the college textbooks falls in comparison with the All In One including getting A+ certification. I've entered college in 2002 but dropped out and worked for 3 years and pushed off my A+ studies. Now I just entered college in September of this year and taking these classes to study for the A+ certification. I realized that the All In One and the books I use in class uses a lots of analogies. I'm having difficulties understanding the material with his explanations with analogies. I've also having difficulties understanding the concepts. I've tried reading Sybex A+ Deluxe, A+ for Dummies, A+ Training Guide by Charles Brookes, A+ Passport, Complete Guide to Certification by Michael Pastore, and Jean Andrews Enhanced A+. These books I used to help concentrate on the areas I have trouble understanding the material but it doesnt work. I'm very good in computers and I know I can do it but having trouble picking it up. Any recommendations would help a lot. Thanks for the help.
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    Can I just ask what your background is in IT?

    I ask because analogies are generaly used to aid the learning process by making something easier to understand, and all of the books that you list I would think use some analogies.

    Does the course that you are studying at college actually relate to the A+, or is it a general PC Hardware / software course?

    As I have already said the Mike Meyers books will use analogies to aid learning, so to most they make it easier.

    If you are struggling and prefer something more factual try the Official Comptia Press books.


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