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Microsoft warns firms over skipping Vista to Windows 7

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. wagnerk
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    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator


    Microsoft warns firms over skipping Vista to Windows 7

    Companies face operational problems if they try to upgrade to Windows 7 straight from Windows XP, Microsoft has warned.

    Many firms have stuck with Windows XP instead of upgrading to Windows Vista, on grounds of costs and unwanted Vista features.

    However, warns Microsoft, those firms that have stuck with XP may face problems if they leapfrog Vista and go straight to Windows 7, expected to be fully released early next year.

    Gavriella Schuster, a senior director of Windows product management, said, "Make sure you take into consideration the risk of skipping Windows Vista. Deploying Windows Vista now will make the future transition to Windows 7 easier.

    Read the whole article here.

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    1. ThomasMc
      Lmao yeah right
    2. zebulebu
      LOL this. Biggest piece of bollocks I've ever read from Microsoft. It seems that, as their technology gets better, their marketing gets worse!
    3. Bluerinse
      That's an article, Ken? :dry
    4. greenbrucelee
      I knew it. I can't remember the thread I said this on but I said I bet Microsoft will say you have to have Vista before going to Windows 7.

      Quel ****ing suprise :D
    5. Sparky
      Yup, so true.

      I would be surprised if do a single Vista deployment tbh. I think most people will perhaps upgrade their existing XP hardware (more RAM) and go for a full dersktop refresh if Windows 7 is any good.
    6. BosonMichael

      <deep breath>


      Oh, man, that was good! whew! :biggrin
    7. wagnerk
      Can't be seen to be biased, at least when posting articles - post both good, serious, bad & funny 8)

    8. Sparky
      I had to read over that article again just to make sure it wasn’t a bad dream. :eek:

      Just can’t get over the about of BS in the article, can anyone really justify a full upgrade to Vista because it will make the upgrade to Windows 7 easier? Sometimes I think the people who write these articles live in some kinda dream world where there is an endless supply of money. :rolleyes:
    9. BosonMichael
      Actually, most companies will simply keep the old OS until they need new hardware, then go buy a new computer (or, more often, a batch of computers) with the new OS.

      I rarely administered companies that upgraded all of their clients to a single OS... most just had a mishmosh of computers running of the last two or three client OSes. Old computers are repurposed; new computers are rolled out. But rarely was the OS upgraded on an existing box (except for the techies' own computers - we love doing that sort of thing).
    10. Sparky
      I have done one Windows 2000 to XP upgrade on existing hardware and that went ok. Eventually the PCs were replaced with XP pre-installed though.

      From what I understand roaming profiles on Vista dont work if you log onto a XP PC and the other way around so I guess that would be a problem if there wasnt a standard build.
    11. The_Geek
      Ya know.....I was sitting in a coffee shop this morning banging away on my Linux laptop and a couple of folks walk up, curious of the OS they were looking at. After a short 15 intro on Linux, they asked:
      "You mean, there's another OS available besides Microsoft?"

      On a side note......IF I had a Mac laptop, maybe I wouldn't push Linux as hard as I do......than again, Linus is free, so........ :twisted:
    12. BosonMichael
      Yeah, upgrading works (well... usually...), but not too many companies will spend the time or money to do it unless they absolutely HAVE to, and that's pretty rare, in my experience.
    13. Phoenix
      Yes they can, if it really does make it considerably easier to upgrade then of course they can
      its a simple case of if the cost of the license is less than the cost of increased effort to upgrade from XP

      A full desktop refresh will probably come with OEM licenses of Vista
      a Win7 license will have backward version usage rights, so you could go from XP->Vista->7 with the 7 license

      There are many weird and wacky ways that it does not automatically mean increased money
      MS licensing is after all a cert path unto itself

      I don't see what all the immediate sheeping is on this site, if you can't take more than an iota of a second to think about WHY what they are saying might have some grounding, why chirp in with a BS reply?
      Are they saying you NEED to have a vista license to upgrade? of course not, and even if they were it would apply to upgrade licensing only, which they have every right to do, but would still have full version products, that won't care what you had before

      The point they are likely making is that managing enterprise levels of 7 is much more inline with vista than XP , management tools, deployment methods, etc. A blanket upgrade from xp to 7 is akin to xp to vista, its A LOT of infrastructure changes, a lot of changes to core services, its just SO different from XP
      if they had started to change those services as they moved to vista, 7 would be a breeze, but if they are sitting on top of technology designed to manage an 8 year old OS, then sure, its a lot of work

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