Microsoft to support Linux in Virtual Server

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    Microsoft to support Linux in Virtual Server

    Microsoft head Steve Ballmer has promised to add Linux support for the first time in one of its products because, he explained, users need to manage heterogeneous networks.

    Support for the software giant's open-source rival and greatest threat will come in Virtual Server 2005 Service Pack 1, due to ship by the end of the year, Ballmer said as part of his keynote speech at the company’s annual summit.

    "We will add support for non-Windows virtual machines running on our Virtual Server, including Linux," he said. "Virtualisation is an area of intense interest and activity for us. Driving virtualisation is a key technology to facilitate better compatibility and lower total cost of ownership."

    Ballmer also said Microsoft would use its Dynamic Systems Initiative to become an "enterprise management vendor" and deliver tools that let users extract management intelligence from their network nodes regardless of vendor.

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    1. Davver
      Don't know about you but this seems a little odd? Is MS moving in the oust the penguine? I say watch this space!

    2. Jakamoko
      I think MS would do themselves more damage if they didn't offer support for the penguin in their Virtual software, Davver - unless I'm mistaken, then that's the point of the announcement. I mean right now, VMware offers much better support for Linux than MS's offering - you think Uncle Bill is going to let that get past him ?

      I think we all know the answer to that already .... :rolleyes:
    3. AJ
      It's about bloody time. Got Virtual PC at work and it's no good without support from other OS's IMOA
    4. tripwire45
      I have to agree with Gav. MS is getting smart. I deliberately bought VMWare rather than Virtual PC because it supported Linux. I'm sure MS realized that they would be losing out on a lot of buyers for the same reason and wised up. The only question is, can you install Virtual PC itself on a Linux box the way you can VMWare? :blink
    5. Jakamoko
      The obvious answer is if anyone was using a Linux platform as a host machine, then why on Earth would they use a MS product to create virtual machines ?

      As always, sorry if I'm missing the point :oops:
    6. tripwire45
      You aren't. I'm kidding. After all, I use Firefox and on my Windows boxes. :tongue

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