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Microsoft to Europe: No Windows 7 upgrades for you!

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. wagnerk
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    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator


    Microsoft to Europe: No Windows 7 upgrades for you!

    If you live in Europe and you’re contemplating an upgrade to Windows 7 later this year, I’ve got good news and bad news for you.

    The good news is you’ll get a better price than your counterparts in other markets. You’ll be able to buy a fully licensed retail copy of Windows 7E (Microsoft’s customized version, with Internet Explorer 8 stripped out to mollify the European Commission antitrust regulators) for the price you would normally pay for an upgrade edition.

    The bad news is that Microsoft plans to completely disable upgrade capabilities in Windows 7E.

    Yes, you heard that right, and I’ve confirmed the details with a Microsoft spokesperson. The upgrade option will be disabled in all copies of Windows 7E.

    Full Story here.

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    1. BosonMichael
      That'll teach ya for whining about IE! :biggrin
    2. m3lt
      Have to agree.

      It is a bit silly to take out the IE from windows thinking that will help the customers with more broad competition in the browser market...

      The average joe that has been using windows for years will hopefully buy (and thats a big hopefully because I doubt they will, as it is more likely they will get a branded machine) Windows 7, see that it cannot go to the internet by his normal means and then what ?

      Will windows come with a Mozilla, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, etc freebie CD for you to install ?
      I doubt.

      For those who matter really, you will know how to disable and uninstall IE and then suit yourself to your favorite flavour of browser...

      Anyways, who is planning to buy Windows 7 from here ?
    3. wagnerk
      I'm pretty sure (or at least hope) that because we have a MS agreement with software assurance, we'll have access to the full version.

    4. ThomasMc
      Its all a load of balls anyhoo, similar to Windows XP N (the N stands for Nobody bought it!) where they removed WMP, just more publicity for both sides.
    5. LukeP
      That's silly imho. It will just make it harder to get the browser of your choice. Firefox is the first thing I install after installing Windows. And guess what? I am using Internet Explorer which is provided with Windows to get it.

      I will still get Windows 7 though as I am running RC1 now and tried beta version before and it is decent.
    6. UKDarkstar
      It'll just fuel the grey imports, then they'll be moaning about the o/s not being properly licensed :p
    7. Phoenix
      Excellent, I knew they would find a way to recoup the costs of the ridiculous antitrust bs claim

      lets see, hmm, oh yes, Apple OSX comes with Safari, and you have to have an apple laptop/desktop to run it legally
      nah thats not anti trust

      include IE8 with the ability to uninstall it, run other browsers beside it or no browsers at all?
      nahhh, antitrust heaven, pay us the billions bitches
    8. Gav
      I'd have rather Microsoft taken even more drastic action and refuse to release Windows 7 in Europe.

      I'd like to see them keep up the anti trust regulations then. The EU would be on their overpaid knees begging Microsoft to come back, IE and all.
    9. Modey
      Yeah I thought that also, would be funny. :)
    10. kevicho
      Just goes to show what happens when idiots are in charge and all they can see is how to screw a huge company out of money.

      Personally i find IE handy, especially so i can navigate to the firefox site when i first setup a pc (when i dont have a copy available)
    11. The_Geek
      yum upgrade.....

      Oh wait, that doesn't work in the Windoze world.
    12. Modey
      Since when? I must have imagined all the Windows OS's I have upgraded in the past ...
    13. Phoenix
      I believe he was talking about the linux app 'yum', that is used from the cli to update various binaries on command

      the ubuntu/debian equiv is apt

      awesome apps, and I do wish MS had developed something similar for power users
      the key is, windows is not squarely aimed at power users, its also aimed at idiots
      'windows update' would the the idiot version, no less than yum and apt have GUIs now too

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