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Microsoft stand-up to Apple

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. wagnerk
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    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator


    Microsoft stand-up to Apple

    Stand-up comedian and television star Jerry Seinfeld has been enlisted by Microsoft to help promote Vista.

    Mr Seinfeld is to star along with Bill Gates in a number of advertisements refuting allegations that Vista is a failure, the Wall Street Journal reports.

    Apple has been behind a number of adverts which have made fun of Vista's alleged problems and Microsoft announced that it was planning an aggressive campaign to help Vista's flagging image.

    Read the whole story here.

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    1. BosonJosh
      Hiring a star who was popular 15 years ago to appear beside a guy who no longer works day-to-day at Microsoft to convince people to buy an operating system that they have to trick people to use. What could go wrong with this idea? :)
    2. BosonMichael
      It's about time! Good Lord, you'd think a company as big as Microsoft could have responded to Apple's ads a bit quicker than that... :D

      That's actually fewer than I would have expected, considering many businesses run one or more apps that aren't supported on Windows Vista by the app vendors... and therefore, have to downgrade - for now, anyway.
    3. Qs
      All the PCs we purchase are immediently downgraded from Vista to XP.

      Although oddly - I have Vista Ultimate. Probably just for the DreamScene wallpapers - I knew I had it for some reason. :p
    4. NightWalker
      I think most of the downgrades to XP will be in corporate environments. Our users are fairly restricted at work, there would be absolutely no benefit in us upgrading all the desktops to Vista, the additional features would go unused, the whole exercise would just create loads of problems. I use Vista at home, it has its quirks but now a lot of third party vendors have released compatible applications its a lot more software friendly. I do think Apple stooped a bit low with their ads, then they brag about how well a MacBook runs Vista.
    5. Mitzs

      That really cracks me up with the commerical they make downing windows but they have made it so their computers will support a MS OS. I've not seen a commerical for that one yet. I wonder why?

      Make up your mind Apple. Hate us or Love us. But get the hell off the fence and stop being 2 face.:dry

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