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Microsoft revamps licensing for Vista launch

Discussion in 'News' started by zimbo, Jan 19, 2007.

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    Microsoft revamps licensing for Vista launch

    Microsoft revamped its licensing options today in preparation for the 30 January consumer launch of Windows Vista.
    The Redmond giant unveiled three options: Windows Anytime Upgrade; Windows Vista Family Discount; and Windows Marketplace.
    Brad Brooks, general manager of Windows client marketing at Microsoft, promised that the new structure will help customers choose the right version of the forthcoming operating system.

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    1. Phoenix
      I think the anytime upgrade and marketplace distribution is a brilliant move by MS to join the 21st century and embrace e-commerce with its consumer base, im a bit disapointed that the family pack is limited to NA and home premium editions, i would of liked it if you could of just been given multiple keys for the copy you purchased, ie if i got ultimate i want more ultimate, not home premium)

      looks like ill be getting a corporate MAK version for 5 systems :)

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