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Microsoft Plans Six Core Windows Vista Versions

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. tripwire45
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    Microsoft Plans Six Core Windows Vista Versions

    After months of maintaining that it had not yet finalized its Windows Vista line up, Microsoft seems finally to have decided upon a half dozen core Vista versions. According to a posting on its Web site, Microsoft is readying six core Vista packages, or SKUs, plus two additional releases customized for the European Union that won't bundle in Windows Media Player, as ordered by European antitrust regulators. On the line up are Windows Starter 2007; Windows Vista Enterprise; Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista ultimate, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Home Basic N and Windows Vista Business N. The "N" releases are those which do not include Media Player.

    Find the entire article Here.
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    1. arisen
      Tech support: Ok sir, which operating system are you using?

      customer: what do you mean?

      Tech support: which version of windows are you using?

      customer: Vista, i think...

      Tech support: which version of vista?

      customer: ummm, not sure really

      Tech support: don't blame you mate...

    2. Sparky
      When is the first Service Pack going to be released? :biggrin
    3. michael78
      Microsoft couldn't get anymore stupid. 7 versions is going to confuse the hell out of people. They should stick to the same setup as with XP home version and pro version.
    4. Phoenix
      Its only going to confuse dumb people
      I dont see people getting confused whe you sell them a Ford Escord, Ford Escort LX, Ford Escort Essex SE, Ford Escord Outback, Ford Escort (well you get the point)

      Give the people SOME credit, they can read a box that says 'this one costs more but comes with ALL THIS shite'

      i think some of those SKUs are OEM only and some are VL only, theres not actually 7 going to retail

      I think theres 7 varieties of Office 2007 too
    5. Bluerinse
      Most people I come into contact with don't know the difference between Windows XP and Office XP :twisted:

      Are there going to be any server products?
    6. michael78
      Phoenix, I have to disagree with you on this one. I think most home and business users don't have a clue. I bet that if you asked 100 people what the differences between XP home and pro the majority wouldn't know. Adding more versions into the mix is going to confuse a lot of people even more.

      From a car point of view with the escort thing that would confuse me as I know nothing about cars in the same way that people may no nothing about OS's.
    7. hbroomhall
      In addition, I find that people often *do* know about different models of cars - it is somehow 'cool' to be that knowledgeable. However it doesn't seem to be equaly cool when computers are involved!

      I frequently get people confuse Office XP with Windows XP, so up to 8 versions of Vista will go totaly over their heads. :biggrin

      edit: Oops - echoed Bluerinse's comment!

    8. michael78
      hmmm my knowledge about cars stops at they usually have 4 wheels and go brum brum when you turn the key...:biggrin
    9. law123
      I think it is the matter of cash what do you want to spend or what the sales man tells you that you need. After all how many people buy top of the range computers only to go on line look at couple of web sites and play a couple of games. They dont ever use the computer to its potential. Or do they know how.
    10. michael78
      I think giving people too much choice just leads to problems and confusion.
    11. simongrahamuk
      Official Link and Product Descriptions. 8)
    12. MattyW
      Thanks for the link simon. Am I being think or does it only describe 5 of the 6 editions. Are Microsoft Confused as well?
    13. d-Faktor
      i guess you're being think. :twisted:

      from the ms page:
      they just didn't put it in bold.

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