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    Good Afternoon Guys,

    I am in need of assistance if anyone can help. I have a user who wants to setup a re-occurring "Out Of Office"

    The user starts at 8am and finishes at 2pm (Mon - Fri). So instead of setting this up every day is there a way where I can setup this on a weekly basis when she finishes?

    So the "Out of Office" should start at 2pm and finish the following day at 8am then come back on from 2pm and then back off the following day and so forth...

    IS there some kind of Rule i will need to setup? :rolleyes:

    Thanks for your assistance.

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    I don't believe you can schedule that sort of thing in the Outlook client itself with something friendly like a rule. I guess you mentioned it was Office 2010 because there's no available plugins that work with that?

    There are server side tools that can automate this sort of stuff - CodeTwo has something, but obviously that's at a cost and it would be weird to buy for one user.

    If you have the admin access, and a sensible place to store such a thing, a scheduled task running a powershell script every weekday @ 2pm can connect to Exchange and run the Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration for that user's mailbox - but add some checking so you don't overwrite the current setting if she has gone on hols for a week and put her OoO on already!

    Or you can get really smartypants and use something to automate the user's Outlook application directly. VBA is traditional and might be easy if somebody has already written something similar enough for you (they probably have)

    Triple adventure points with sprinkles and chocolate sauce are scored by using PowerShell to crack open Outlook as a com object (only works with the default Outlook profile, so you have to run this from the correct user's desktop). I've seen crazy stuff done with PoSH to automate Office apps - not the right stuff for you I'm afraid. But this randomly selected blog looks like it has sufficient pointers to get the lie of the land.

    I would absolutely be doing this via Exchange/O365 rather than those other two madcap ideas though.
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