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    We are now part of a licensing scheme that we pay Uncle Bill an amount per PC for OS a bit more for Office a bit more for encarta, a license for Exchange (not using that one yet) and server 2003. What this means to us is that every year M$ get £22000 off us and we don't need to worry about licenses for our machines. On the up side it also covers members of staff for their machines/laptops used at home (so long as they are used for work purposes) :D

    Now to my main problem. Why is it that when we buy new machines they have to be bought with an OS already installed. The cheapest way we have found is to have XP home pre-installed. All we do then is ghost the correct image onto it and hey presto a wasted xp home license.

    Why can't you buy machines with no OS on them, if you can Where from, and if you can't can you have say linux installed as it's virtually free.

    I look forward to your thoughts.
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    Hi AJ

    Go to

    They are really good and you can buy them with no OS.

    We always do that here with new PC's as its cheaper for us to buy a licence seperately plus we have spare licences for XP anyway.

    When i was working in a school when i got a company to do a quote (usually 3 as we had to show best value) i always asked for no OS unless i had a specific requirement, as i was just going to have to wipe the machine myself anyway.

    I'm sure most companies will do a quote for you with no OS, there are plenty of school providers out there....

    Hope this helps?

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