Microsoft issues doubleplus critical security fix

Discussion in 'News' started by Phil, Jul 17, 2003.

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    Microsoft yesterday warned of a critical flaw affecting all versions of its operating systems bar Windows 98 and ME.

    The critical vulnerability opens the way for crackers to run malicious code and take over vulnerable machines. The flaw affects Windows NT 4, NT 4 Terminal Edition, Win 2000, XP and Win 2003 (irrespective of any service pack applied). Redmond has issued a fix, which users are strongly urged to review.

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    1. SimonV
      Very interesting post. Thanks Phil.
    2. Luton Bee
      Luton Bee
    3. Jakamoko
      Cheers Guys, bringing down the Patch now :snipersm:
    4. flex22
      I'm running XP Pro and have automatic updates scheduled.

      Shouldn't I be automatically sent the patch and then download it?

      I've not heard owt yet. :?
    5. Luton Bee
      Luton Bee
      Yes you should already have it Flex. Just ceck you have a folder called $NTUninstallQ823980$ in %systemroot% if not go get the patch. It will do no harm to attempt to install it twice anyway. It goes through the wizard but does not prompt for a re-boot at the end if you have already previously installed it.
    6. Jakamoko
      ...just to add to Luton's post, it's a hidden folder, so you'll have to unhide it to check (he said, stating the obvious :roll: )

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