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Microsoft Investigates Windows 7 "Screen of Death"

Discussion in 'News' started by Arroryn, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Arroryn
    Honorary Member

    Arroryn we're all dooooooomed


    Microsoft investigates Windows 7 'screen of death'

    Microsoft has confirmed that it is investigating a problem described as the "black screen of death", which affects its latest operating system.

    The error means that users of Windows 7 see a totally black screen after logging on to the system.

    The firm said it was looking into reports that suggest its latest security update was the cause the problem.

    Reports suggest the flaw also affects Vista, XP and other systems.

    Software firm Prevx, which has issued a fix for the problem, says "millions" of people may be affected.

    "Users have resorted to reloading Windows as a last ditch effort to fix the problem," the firm's David Kennerley wrote in a blog post.

    "We hope we can help a good many of you avoid the need to reload."

    You can check out the full story here

    Many thanks to JK for this one!
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    1. JK2447
      Perhaps the mighty Windows 7 we all love isn't perfect after all . . .
    2. greenbrucelee
      I have seen and heard of this too with many of my customers believing they have a faulty graphics card or in the case of onboard graphics a faulty motherboard. But after testing their cards etc and finding they were ok I found that reinstalling windows seemed to sort it. I haven't had anyone back after they have re-installed this security update though....yet.
    3. ianconscious
      I've come across this with the Betas and RC. It seems like explorer.exe will not autorun on startup.

      Ctrl | Shift | Esc brings up taskmgr, from here run explorer.exe - your system is back up and running. Further poking around will readd it to the startup process, problem solved.

      We submitted a bug report to the TAP program early on in the beta stages. Still none the wiser as to what causes it though...
      Last edited: Dec 1, 2009
    4. Alex399
      And to think that a multi-billion dollar corporation can't test these kind of updates sufficiently before realeasing them :dry

      Aren't they tripping over there own feet here!, if they took there time with these things a bit more and rigorously test the updates and operating systems these problems would never happen or at least problems that do occur would be alot more minor.
      Microsoft IMHO have no real competitors to worry about, as when they get it wrong Apple or Linux aren't at the kind of scale to take over the operating system market place, hell if they were Microsoft would be alot better at there job when it comes to making flawless operating systems as they would step there game up to overcome the competition.

      Microsofts ultimate success is also there ultimate failure, as it will also not motivate them as a company to do what they do best (used to/still do) as there already untouchable and have been for a long time they "can" afford to make mistakes and plenty of them without losing there number 1 spot, for sure :biggrin

      Theres my thoughts on this anyway! :p
    5. nugget
    6. Josiahb
      The problem is even Microsoft don't have unlimited resources, they aren't in a position to be able to test every update with every combination of hardware and software so they test as much as is feasible before release. Sometimes things don't go entirely according to plan and updates cause problems, its unfortunate but not entirely unexpected.

      Couple this with being a very large target and you end up with it being news worthy every time there is a slight problem with anything they release.

      And as for not rigorously testing operating systems.... How many people installed the Win 7 BETA? millions? thats a fairly tough test of your OS as far as I'm concerned!
    7. dazza786
    8. BosonMichael
      And to think that forum posters can't verify claims before denouncing those horrible multi-billion dollar corporations! :twisted:

      Sorry, couldn't resist... you set yourself up for that one. :D
      Last edited: Dec 2, 2009
    9. Alex399
      Yes I didn't revise that post properly :oops: I even repped Josiahb commenting how much of a valid point it is he made,
      I guess slagging off windows is almost going as far as slagging off the IT Industry in general :p

      Alex399 apoligises to Mr Microsoft Windows :D or what else is it they call him.. :hhhmmm the guy with the real squeaky voice.. Mr Gates!

      Hold on you!!! you reffered to them "Microsoft" as a horrible Corporation :behead:lol:, I think this calls for an apology to Mr Bill Gates BM! Its just not called for :ohmy

      This forum probaly wouldn't exist if it weren't for old Bill after all :D
    10. JK2447
      I'm sure its all water off a ducks back to Billy G mate :biggrin
    11. BosonMichael
      ...especially considering he doesn't run Microsoft anymore. :)
    12. JK2447
      Ha ha yes well there is that!!!! Water off Stevie B's back then :p

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