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Microsoft in new EU browser offer

Discussion in 'News' started by UKDarkstar, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. UKDarkstar
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    Microsoft in new EU browser offer

    Microsoft has made a new proposal to European competition regulators that it hopes will end their row over the firm's Internet Explorer web browser.

    It proposes that European buyers of its new Windows 7 operating system will be offered a list of potential browsers when they first install the software.

    The move comes a month after Microsoft said European buyers of Windows 7 would have to download a web browser.

    Brussels ruled in January that pre-bundling Explorer hurt competition.

    Full story : here
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    1. wagnerk
      While I don't mind IE (I use IE, FF and sometimes Chrome), I think that bundling multiple Internet Browsers would be a better option for the consumer rather than sending an OS out without one.

    2. danielno8
      I agree with bundling a few rather than none.

      However, whole thing is ridiculous in the first place.
    3. LukeP
      Agreed. While I use Firefox myself I can't understand all the whining. Microsoft released their operating system, and to me they should be allowed to put whatever they want in it. Now, there's only one included Calculator and notepad in Windows, why no one cries about the monopoly in the calculators and notepads software market?

      As been said: ridiculous
    4. JK2447
      Here here. For the likes of us no Browser isn't a problem but what about people like my grandparents. D+ Microsoft, must try harder . . .
    5. UKDarkstar

      To be fair m8 I think they're just trying to keep the EU regulators happy and avoid any more law suits :p
    6. JK2447
      Yeah see what your saying, what was their fine? In the hundreds of millions anyway, rediculous
    7. UKDarkstar
      At least Mr G gives most of his to charity now :biggrin
    8. JK2447
      Yeah got to take your hat off to the man
    9. UKDarkstar
      ... and hold it out hoping he'll fill it for you :p
    10. JK2447
      Ha ha absolutely!
    11. Bluerinse
      I think you need to study your history a bit to understand.

      Check it out..

    12. BosonMichael
      Why not refuse to sell in the EU until the government decides to stop being so petty? :thumbleft
    13. AJ
      Just for a change, this is not the UK Government, This is from the Eurocrats that think they can make petty rules to make lives more difficult.

      I'm sure if you sasked anyone in the UK or in the EU, they really would not be bothered if Windows comes with IE as standard.

      If M$ are going to try to get around this stupid ruling by packaging "a list" of browsers, who is going to decide which ones. I'm certain that M$ will pick and choose the ones load.
    14. Gav
      So this will have links to Firefox, Opera, Chrome, IE, Safari, SRWare Iron, Avant, Maxthon, Flock, SlimBrowser, UltraBrowser, Advanced Browser, TheWorld Browser, Acoo Browser, GoSuRF Browser, Ocra Browser, K-Meleon, Ace Explorer 2... as well as all the other browsers out there? (http://download.cnet.com/windows/web-browsers/?tag=page;page)

      We wouldn't want Microsoft so choose only the browsers released by large organisations now, would we? :rolleyes:
    15. Modey
      It would seem they won't be packaging browsers at all, but are suggesting a choice of browsers available via Windows update. It will be the 5 that have the most share of the market based on recent usage data etc...

      I get the feeling that the announcment to ship W7 with no browser at all was just a shot across the bows of the EU and they always intended to make the choice available etc... It does seem that the EU are being very selective with their anti-competetive legilsation though. There are loads of cases of software being bundled in the same way that don't get any attention from the EU at all.
    16. Bluerinse
      We might.. or we might not. :p
    17. dales
      excellent first stop in windows 7 is www.windowsup......... Ah! So the average joe is going to be well informed enough to view the auto update lists and choose a browser or two to install. I can see it comming where home users are just going to end up with all the browsers MS offer in its update installed.
    18. Modey
      I would imagine they will put a link on the desktop which is fairly obviously named.

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