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Microsoft disconnects Xbox gamers

Discussion in 'News' started by UKDarkstar, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. UKDarkstar
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    Microsoft disconnects Xbox gamers

    Thousands of gamers may have been cut off from Microsoft's online gaming service Xbox Live for modifying their consoles to play pirated games.

    Online reports suggest that as many as 600,000 gamers may have been affected.

    Microsoft confirmed that it had banned a "small percentage" of the 20 million Xbox Live users worldwide.

    Microsoft said that modifying an Xbox 360 console "violates" the service's "terms of use" and would result in a player being disconnected.

    "All consumers should know that piracy is illegal and that modifying their Xbox 360 console to play pirated discs violates the Xbox Live terms of use, will void their warranty and result in a ban from Xbox Live," Microsoft has said in a statement.

    "The health of the video game business depends on customers paying for the genuine products and services they receive from manufacturers, retailers, and the third parties that support them."

    Full story : HERE
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    1. BosonMichael
      Whoops. Guess they shouldnt have done that, huh? :p

      This is me, not having any sympathy for those who steal copyrighted content: :dry

    2. dazza786
      those modifications were also used by smalltime game developers
    3. BosonMichael
      Whoops. Guess they shouldnt have done that, huh? :rolleyes:

      If you have to mod your Xbox to play a game by a smalltime game developer, then you're just asking for trouble. That's not very smart.

      404: Sympathy not found.
    4. dazza786
      It was more of a, if you ARE a smalltime game developer
      404 made me lol :p
    5. BosonMichael
      How many of those are there in the grand scheme of things? Plus, if you ARE a small-time game dev, why would you mod your Xbox to develop your games? Your customer base won't have modded Xboxes...
    6. DC Pr0Mo
      DC Pr0Mo
      LOL just before crimbo!

      Coincidence? :twisted:
    7. greenbrucelee
      Has happend to 3 people I know who have had their 360s chipped, they can no longer access xbox live.
    8. ericrollo
      Im guessing it makes the testing process easier, i remember back in the day when you could develop those PS1 games.
    9. JonnyMX
      Fair play to them.

      Why should people think they can get something for free?

      It's an insult to the people who work at games development and it's an insult to people who play by the rules and spend their hard earned cash on games.

      I just wish they could think of a way of making the console burst into flames and hopefully take the whole household of scratters with it.
    10. BosonMichael
      Have you patented that process, or can I freely run with it? :twisted:

      Repped. 8)

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