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Microsoft: Decidedly not R.I.P.

Discussion in 'News' started by Mitzs, May 4, 2008.

  1. Mitzs
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    Microsoft: Decidedly not R.I.P.

    Oh how frustrating when the mighty haven't fallen.

    For some word-jockeys it apparently seems impossible to believe that a major tech company, born a full 33 years ago, could remain on top of the heap.

    Hand-wringing warnings of doom and decline for Microsoft (MSFT, Fortune 500), and for its CEO Steve Ballmer, are popping up in some quarters as the company faces a disappointing reception to Vista, its latest version of Windows, and criticism of its handling of its takeover bid for Yahoo. (YHOO, Fortune 500)

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    1. ffreeloader
      Well, it would be nice if the author would at least get the facts straight. MS counted all the licenses that were in the pipeline that vendors had said they would use, but had not even installed on new PC's yet, as if they were completed sales and included those sales numbers in their financial reports at that time. That's why their initial numbers looked good. Now the undistorted numbers are showing up, and they are dismal from MS's point of view.
    2. Phoenix
      I think MS main problem has never been what it does or how it does it, and I hope that Ray Ozzie coming on board can bring back the glory years of MS development (anyone been looking at Microsoft Live Mesh? awesome technology there)

      World Wide Telescope

      MS are doing a lot of COOL research into a lot of COOL areas that warrant the attention of many an AlphaGeek

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