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Microsoft Creates New Certification

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. wagnerk
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator


    Microsoft Creates New Certification

    by Emmett Dulaney

    3/24/2010 -- While details remain difficult to find, Microsoft is in the process of creating a new Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification as an entry-level certification for Windows Server 2008 small business administrators. This operating system is popular as witnessed by Microsoft awarding Windows Server 2008 credentials last year to 60,000 professionals worldwide (300,000 were given new certifications by Microsoft on all products during this time period).

    The three new certificaitons (and related exams) slated to become available are:

    1. MTA Server Administration (Exam # 98-365, TA: Windows Server 2008, Server Administration Fundamentals)
    2. MTA Networking (Exam # 98-366, TA: Windows Server 2008, Networking Fundamentals)
    3. MTA Security (Exam # 98-367, TA: Windows Server 2008, Security Fundamentals)

    See here for article.

    Certifications: CITP, PGDip, BSc, HNC, LCGI, PTLLS, MCT, MCITP, MCTS, MCSE, MCSA:M, MCSA, MCDST, MCP, MTA, MCAS, MOS (Master), A+, N+, S+, ACA, VCA, etc... & 2nd Degree Black Belt
    WIP: MSc in Tech Management


    1. UKDarkstar
      Seems like a good idea to me
    2. morph
      this seems right up my street - been looking around and found a book for it on amazon and seen it in a microsoft flow diagram - but cant find anything else - anyone else come across anything, appreciate its only just been announced etc...:D
    3. wagnerk
      Once more info is released, I post it up (provided I don't get beaten on finding the info) :)

    4. morph
      thanks mate!
    5. wagnerk
    6. simongrahamuk
      I should have posted this reply ages ago, but well, I didn't!

      This seems like a good idea to me since I am not really interested in gaining any 'Higher' certs anymore, as my job role doesn't need them. However to show that I still 'Keep my hand in' these certs are definately a good thing, just so long as they aren't simply another money making tool for MS. The market already doesn't know what MS cert is what!

    7. morph
      yeah i feel the same as you - hopefully my ccna is done at the end of the month, then i'd like to look at some server tuff - but my job doesnt really involve it - so somthing like this sounds perfect - foot in the door type thing!
    8. Johnd76
      Are these for people with no qualifications in servers but looking to get into it............or am i being dumb?
    9. morph
      the impression i'm getting is thats its at more of a lower level than the full on server exams ? i may be being dumb as well though :D

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