Microsoft Announces Partners in Learning for Education

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    [​IMG]<font size="3">Microsoft Announces Partners in Learning for Education </font>
    Critical Resources for Student Access, Teacher Training and Skills Development Worldwide

    Despite real improvements in the availability of information and communication technology around the world, many students and teachers still lack basic access to computers and training. The result is a widening skills gap in information and communication technology (ICT) fields that contributes to disparities in quality of life, economic development and competitiveness.

    Microsoft Corp.'s Partners in Learning initiative recognizes the educational value of technology in schools. Global in scope and local in implementation, this initiative provides a significant investment of software and more than $250 million (U.S.) in cash grants worldwide over the next five years to deliver information and communication technology skills training, tailored curriculum development, technical support, and research funds and resources to students and teachers. The Partners in Learning initiative also includes significantly lower prices for Microsoft's core educational desktop software for students and teachers.

    Full Story: Microsoft PressPass
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