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Microsoft Announces Architect Cert

Discussion in 'News' started by SimonV, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. SimonV
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    Microsoft Announces Architect Cert

    Microsoft has announced its first brand-new certification in years, one aimed at high-level IT pros with significant experience in architecting solutions that involve Microsoft -- and non-Microsoft -- products.

    At a 101communications' TechMentor conference in Orlando, Al Valvano, Lead Product Manager with Microsoft Learning, unveiled the Microsoft Certified Architect Program, a board-level certification on a scale the company has never attempted before.

    Valvano acknowledges that the MCAP is a work-in-progress, very preliminary work has been done, and any details they've worked out so far are sketches. He said to expect a more detailed announcement with solid information in late summer to the end of the year. Eric Ekstrand, a TechMentor attendee who works for Optum UnitedHealth Group, is cautious when he calls the MCAP "a great idea." Like several in attendance, he's "curious to see how it plays out."

    Full Story: certcities.com
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    1. Phoenix
      wicked, i can see that being something id go for :)
      now then they throw on the 'Microsoft Certified Security Architect' track ill be well set :P

      nice find Si, exciting news!
    2. rowley73
      After reading the above article, am I right in thinking that attaining a CCIE is on a par with attaining a Ph.D.
    3. Phoenix
      far from it, it probably takes as much work as a bachelors though
      the knowledge requirement may be on par with a phd, but the time commitment and workload is no where near it

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