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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by MrNice, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. MrNice

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    Hi all,

    Is anyone currently using the Microsoft media centre software?
    I have been looking into it recently and am after as much info as possible. I already read up on the microsoft site and would appreciate advice/reviews from someone actually using it.
    Although manufacturers seem to be marketing systems especially for this is it possible to build your own? I don't see why it cant be done but knowing microsoft who knows?
    What sort of screens are compatible etc and I presume if I do build my own a super silent psu would be a must.
    I am considering trying this setup in my living room so a 19" TFT is not going to be acceptable. Is it possible to plug in any standard digital TV, can you record/pause live TV as easily as they claim?
    Any hardware recommendations etc most gratefully recieved.
    If it means I can use this PC as a web surfer and gamer but at the flick of a switch watch/record tv then I am having one. Does this work on normal TV bbc1-ch5 and also does it work with sky?
    Any input?

    :blink Thanks in advance
  2. Phoenix
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    well it can be done
    except u cant get MCE off the shelf, its an OEM product only
    ofcourse an MSDN subscription fixes that little problem ;)

    Working with Sky/Cable is a pain because of the encrypted status of the signals
    your generally limited to standards channels

    you will need a TV card, there are a variety of these, but only a few good ones to consider

    Also many people like to use Mini ITX systems for this sort of thing, as they are quiet and cooler, and can fit niceley under a TV, however you can count out gaming on a system like that :)
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  3. MrNice

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    Cheers Phoenix,

    I think I am going to wait until it all seems "easier" to set-up. The day when a 52" plasma is under £500 and the processor can make the tea etc.. or just a bit cheaper.
    Most appreciated.
  4. noelg24

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    you can check out they seem to have the stuff in order for one to build their own MCE PC....even with mini ATX/barebones cases...should be a good scope like...
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