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Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by thenoble06, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. thenoble06

    thenoble06 Bit Poster


    I'm just getting round to doing some Windows 7/Server 2008 training and I notice the MCP and MCSA/MCSE titles are gone.

    So - is the MCTS similar to the individual MCP titles, and completing a few MCTS exams on a certain track will provide a MCITP.

    Or have I got that a bit mixed up? From reading the Microsoft site it seems that I might have done.

    Can anyone explain please?
  2. Apoc220

    Apoc220 Byte Poster

    The MCP and MCSA/MCSE are not GONE, per se. They have been replaced, but they still exist (and will so until the exams on their tracks retire in the coming years). It appears that the MCTS has replaced the MCP, and combining MCTS certs will get you MCITP designations. Note that there are also MCPD certs which are developer based certs, but the MCITP certs cover more of the infrastructure certs. If you look around the microsoft certification website you'll get a feel for what the new certs are like. There's a lot more specialization, so you can't just be an MCITP. It has to be MCITP with a specialization in servers, exchange, etc. Another thing to remember is that you can upgrade existing certs to the MCITP range, sometimes in as little as two exams. Something to look at to save some money and time, possibly. You seem to have a couple certs down, so you should be able to figure it out. If you have any more questions just give us a holler!
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