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MCTS 70-500: Microsoft Windows Mobile Designing, Implementing, and Managing

Discussion in 'MCAD / MCSD / MCPD' started by Princey, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. Princey

    Princey Nibble Poster

    Hi All,

    If anyone is interested in taking this exam. I found that the Microsoft E-learning collection 5139 is a very good package for teaching you what you need to know for the exam. I was studying for this exam for about 3 weeks, and came out with a score of 1000 :)

    I was quite suprised that there are no simulations in this exam, as the required time to complete it in is 3 hours...

    So if anyone is thinking about registering for this exam, Microsoft E-learning collection: 5139 + A spare Windows Mobile device you may have lying around, is all you need! :)
    Certifications: A+, CCNA, MCSE 2003, NICE Voice Recording,

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