MCSE and Job Security

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Sep 12, 2005.

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    MCSE and Job Security

    The results of the recent SunPoll were not unexpected. Your opinion about the current program was that you did not get enough credit for "real world" experience, and that the certification does not translate to higher pay. However, something new is planned. A little birdie that is involved with the process told me that MCSE will no longer be the "premier" certification available from Microsoft. You will still be able to get it, pretty much like it is today. But a new certification will be created that will have a name akin to 'Microsoft Certified Technical Architect'. That title signifies a combination of proven technical skill, real world experience, and it is a blend of both Project Management and high-level technical architecture knowledge. And you only get this 'MCTA' cert if you successfully complete both a written exam and an interview - possibly with some hands-on demo's. Now that is something that might make a few people nervous.

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    1. Phoenix
      unfortunatly the requirement (at present) is 10 years verifiable experiance, thats not going to help the majority of techs out there proove thier worth, they need to improve the MCSE a bit too, the materials there, but the executions not

      hell even i'm only just coming up on 10 years and i started at the wee age of 14, and some of that wont be verifiable unless i dig up tax records which dont mean much to a cert board lol

      its an exciting development, that we have covered before, and i hope it brings some order and respect back to microsoft certs, the fact the interviews are peer based (ie other techies with the qualification) makes me think it may just have what it takes!
    2. Veteran's son
      Veteran's son
      Thanks for posting the message, tripwire45! :)
    3. tripwire45
      My reason for posting this article was really the concept of tying a certification to job security. So many of our members come in here at the beginning of their IT careers with the idea that getting an MCSE is the end all and be all of IT and will grant them access to riches and glory.

      I'm probably exaggerating somewhat, but it seems that at least some IT training vendors re-enforce that illusion in order to sell their rather expensive wares. While certs can be an important component in a technical career, they are not *it*. Learning and doing is more valuable. Learn your craft and practice it. Certs are just there to provide some sort of standard that says you know what the *bleep* you're doing. You can know what you are doing without a singe cert to your name.
    4. The_Geek
      So such thing. There is NO job security no matter what field you are in.
    5. Sandy
      Hi All

      For somebody new into IT the MCSE is only the start. Looks like Microsoft are planning a Cert, like RedHat & Cisco, that is aimed at Systems Architects. We will see if it takes of. In my experience Systems Architects have spent little time in the same space time dimension as us.

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