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MCSA: SQL Server, 461,462,463

Discussion in 'Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012 / 2016' started by ade_b, Sep 23, 2014.

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  1. ade_b

    ade_b Bit Poster

    Hi all, been in IT for about 6 months and I absolutely love sql now I am part of the second line team I use sql everyday however I try to push myself by learning new sql by reading and watching videos. I have management studio setup at home so that I can practice and am very interested in gaining the above qualifications, I know I do not have the 'ideal' experience so that why I thought I should post here and get some advice from people that have been there and done it, should I buy the 461 training kit book from Microsoft to get started? Or would you recommend something better than this? I'm not a massive fan of reading large books however I am happy to give it a go if this is the best bang for your buck so to speak, especially if it turns out that I need to gain more experience before taking this on.

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