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MCPD hardware/software requirement

Discussion in 'MCAD / MCSD / MCPD' started by pierreb, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. pierreb

    pierreb New Member


    I'm considering upgrading my skills to MCPD. Being more of a hands on person I prefer to have my own hardware,software and learning material for the job. If someone could help me chose the right hardware/software combination it would be very helpfull.

    It would be nice if Microsoft offered an all on one kit both hardware and software but do not think that is the case which means I need to make some purchases I believe.

    In regards to hardware, can the entire MCPD program be learned on a single PC or is it best to also have a Microsoft server like Server 2008 as well?

    Perhaps a single PC with virtualization could do the JOB? Or Single WIn7(Which edition?) PC with visual studio 2010 and SQL Server is all I need? Wich means I only need a license for VS2010 and SQL Server?

    What is your optimal setup for home study?
  2. dmarsh

    dmarsh Terabyte Poster

    If you were at MCPD level you wouldn't need to ask the question to be honest.

    You won't find any serious programmer without their own kit, its common for them to have multiple laptops, desktops, NAS, etc at home. They could be running Linux or Windows.

    There are software stacks like LAMP or the Microsoft stack etc to make development easier. Microsoft do also supply many of their products in cut down version from their Express site.

    While Microsoft have a hardware division it specialises in consoles, mice and webcams. They would have to endorse another companies products in order to act as you describe.

    In many ways development has never been easier, you're not writing assembler for a C64 with no Internet invented yet...

    Development is not about having everything provided for you shrink wrapped on a plate, you have to be able to build things yourself from scratch if necessary, MacGyver style.

    Visual Studio and SQL Server are all you need for MCPD, you can install them on most recent versions of windows.

    Look at the hardware requirements, but basically if the machine can run Window 7 reasonably it will be able to run Visual Studio and SQL Server in a development set up. Upwards of 2GB RAM is good to have.

    Virtualisation and Server OS's are not required, upto you if you want to use em.

    Laptop or desktop is fine. You could pass the MCPD with the free Express verison's of Visual Studio and SQL Server at a push.

    The MCPD is not about spending money, its about being able to design and develop code, and understand solution architectures.

    As you cannot even determine a basic home setup for a single developer, I'm pretty sure you're not ready. Generally you're expected to have at least 2 years full-time experience as a MS developer before you begin MCPD certification.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2011
  3. pierreb

    pierreb New Member

    Thanks for the input

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