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MCP6P M2+ Broken MOBO?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by macleod2024, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. macleod2024

    macleod2024 Bit Poster

    I bought the Biostar MCP6P M2+ to replace my old motherboard.

    After installation I plugged a couple of devices into the onboard usb ports and they dont work (just to clarify one device was a joystick and the other a printer. The joystick is usb powered and the printer self-powered, both of them are fine). Windows detects the usb controller (Standard Enhanced PCI to USB host controller, Standard Open HCD USB host Controller, USB ROOT HUB x 2 are listed in the device manager).

    So Ive tried the following:

    Un-installing / re-installing the usb drivers in windows
    Disabling / re-enabling the root hubs in windows
    Disabling / re-enabling the ports in bios
    Changing the jumper positions (Although this only enables/disables standby power to the ports), even taking the jumper out all together.

    The board is going to have to go back to the dealer anyway as it wont pass the POST with RAM in slot the second of its slots, the very problem I had with the previous board (which was the Biostar MCP6P M2). From what I can gather the RAM is a common problem with the Biostar MCP6P boards.

    Was wondering if there is something Im missing with regards to the usb ports?

    Also having the A+ cert should I have been able to solve this by now? haha
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