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MCP Wallet Cards Now Available!

Discussion in 'News' started by GiddyG, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. GiddyG

    GiddyG Terabyte Poster Gold Member


    MCP Wallet Cards Now Available!

    Whether you are focused on Microsoft technical products or Microsoft Office products - a MCP wallet card can now be purchased to showcase your certification achievements. The home page of each of our Certification Program member sites (www.microsoft.com/certified) contains a "Purchase Your Wallet Card" link that will enable you to start the ordering process. Your card can be ordered in over 30+ languages. In addition, you have the abillity to upload your photo as well as link your virtual business card to the Microsoft Tag located on the card. This connection will enable you to quickly showcase your Microsoft transcript and contact details to employers, friends, and family via your cell phone. (must be connected to the internet)

    Full Story here

    Thanks to Derkit for the story.


    1. TheITCrowd
      Dont get it, what's the point? Im sure if I flashed one of them cards at someone they would think I was some sort of train spotter lol. Certs are to grade what level you are at within your chosen role, NOT to prove you can do a job. Having them wont open many doors anymore....
    2. ChrisH1979
      You used to get all that for free! Card, Certificate and tie pin :\
    3. derkit
      I think it's to save having to cart around your A4 certs to interviews etc.
      I've been asked for copies of my certs twice, maybe three times, now - I think this'll just have an identifying number the employer can just search on MS's site for and confirm you actually have the certs themselves.
    4. DryPlate
      There were a lot of demands and complaints when they discontinued the wallet cards. A lot of people want things in return for the exam fee. As for me, I give out validation links when asked.
    5. GiddyG
      I want the tie pin. 8)

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