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MCAD too late?

Discussion in 'MCAD / MCSD / MCPD' started by NewfDaddy, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. NewfDaddy

    NewfDaddy New Member

    Hello all. :)

    I just want to say that for reading my post before you start.

    I have recently graduated from university with a degree in BSc (Hons) Computer Science (I achieved a 1st class degree) and want to starting programming in VB.NET or C#.NET.

    I have not used either language before, but I did study Java for 2 years, as well as OO concepts (both combined with Java, and as a separate module) at University.

    I just wanted to ask people here if it would worth trying to get a MCAD in VB.NET or C#.NET before they exams expired on 31st March 2009. Would this even be possible in a 8 month time-scale? (I would be able to commit about 20 hours a week and will be all self-study)

    I was considering the following route;

    • 70-305 - Developing and implementing web-based applications with Microsoft Visual Basic.NET and Microsoft Visual Studio.NET
    • 70-306 - Developing and implementing Windows-based applications with Microsoft Visual Basic.NET and Microsoft Visual Studio.NET
    • 70-310 - Developing XML web services and server components with Microsoft Visual Basic and the Microsoft.NET Framework.
    I understand that the current MSAD works with Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 and Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1. Seeing as I would like to learn the basics and have no prior experience, would this be ideal for me?

    Finally, I see that .NET 2.0, and 3.5 are available. In the future I was hoping to upgrade myself to a MCTS with upgrade exams 70-558 (http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/exams/70-558.mspx) and 70-559 (http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/exams/70-559.mspx)

    I would really appreciate, advice and recommendations. :rolleyes:

    Kind regards.
  2. LayaboutSi

    LayaboutSi Bit Poster

    Welcome NewfDaddy

    Your fundamental question is getting asked a lot around here at the moment - especially with the retirement of the exams moving closer.

    I started on the MCAD route in Feb this year and passed all three exams in around 3 and a half months. However, it was with quite a lot of previous experience in .NET and a non-IT goal driving me forwards and motivating me. Overall, I put in about 220 hours all self-study to achieve MCAD - so you should be able to do it in 11 weeks :)

    I followed the MCAD path to ultimately lead me through to MCSD level. If I did not have a specific reason, I would probably have opted for the MCPD 2005 route, as I intend to move on to the 2 upgrade exams needed once I have hopefully passed my final MCSD exam early next week (and rested my brain for a couple of months :blink )!

    MCPD appears to cover the language syntax more than MCAD so may prove better for starting off. MCSD, however, covers the architeure a lot more and gives you a better understanding of how it all hangs together. One thing is understanding how to code; its another matter understanding why you are doing it a certain way.

    It is also likely that industry will start to phase out .NET 1.1 quite rapidly once Microsoft look as though they will be ceasing support; which means .NET 2.0 will definitely give you more future potential.

    One last thing to note is that there are 2 upgrade exams to move from MCSD to MCPD 2005; then two additional upgrade exams to move onto MCPD 2008. But you can probably reduce by a third the study work if you intend to concentrate on either Web or Windows and not both.
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  3. nellyp123

    nellyp123 Byte Poster

    I have just started learning ASP.NET 3.5 and C# using the free C# visual express edition and wanted to ask if i am running before i can walk? You said that the industry is phasing out 1.1?.......what about 2.0. Should i learn that first?

    I come from a web designer background and decided to learn web development after learning Actionscript 3.0 in Flash. So i don't really know to much about the development side of the industry. But i wanted to learn this as another string to my bow and probably get more involved than i did in web design.


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  4. LayaboutSi

    LayaboutSi Bit Poster

    I am not saying 1.1 is being phased out; just that there will be a point at which Microsoft no longer support it - which means that business critical applications must move forward. If exams are being retired, it is natural to assume that the product itself will retire not too far later.

    That said, .NET 2.0 probably contains at least 99% of what .NET 1.1 does - plus a lot more on top. The only functionality dropped is generally what has been superceded, such as some security code.

    The jump from .NET 2.0 to 3.5 is probably the same, so .NET 3.5 probably has 98% of .NET 1.1 functionality. Obviously these are guestimates :)

    If you want to learn .NET development, I would suggest just jumping in and getting your feet wet. Unfortunately, there is a lot to learn and no easy way to start.

    Read lots of books; visit CodeProject and work through tutorials; and practise (A LOT!). Eventually, it will start to click more and more.
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  5. Matthew Tailor

    Matthew Tailor Banned

    I agree, .net 2.0 is probably the best stepping stone at the moment for getting into .net programming. The old MCAD exams do focus more on the architecture, especially as you move towards MCSD but they're going to be out dated soon enough. Although, i still see employees quoting MCAD more often than MCPD! :biggrin

    As for the future - the new up and coming MCPD 2008 exams relating to .net 3.5 add more features but i feel these just build onto 2.0 which is already content rich. 3.5 just adds areas such as AJAX and LINQ, both of which will be the way forward.

    To sum it up - I'd suggest anyone looking at 1.1 to take a serious look into MCTS on the .net framework 2.0 and move towards 3.5 in the near future.
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  6. LayaboutSi

    LayaboutSi Bit Poster

    Shame you are in London; I might have approached you for a job :D
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