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MCAD C# - Which modules?

Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by christin, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. christin

    christin New Member

    Hi everynone

    I am new here so here's hoping I have posted this in the right forum.

    I use to work in R&D for a company which designed and manufactured embeded PC's. I was a hardware electronics eng. but also got involved in some aspects of software and wrote a couple of utility progs in C.

    Due to health probs I can no longer travel, move El. equipment about from job to job or bend over circuit boards etc. So I am wanting to retrain into software development so that i can stay seated at a nice PC and put my feet up :biggrin

    I am just about to start an MCAD course with computeach.

    I had initially chosen to do 70-320 (XML web services), 70-315 (Web Apps) and 70-229 (SQL 2000). Computeach are now saying that they can't offer 70-229 because it is being replaced and that i should do 70-316 (Win Apps).

    My question... is there any point doing 70-316 if I am already doing 70-315? Are they not virtually the same with exception to the deployment. I feel that if i did 315 as part og a distance course i could do 316 myself, and that SQL and DB would be preferential even if outdated.

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