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Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by gary_potten, Apr 15, 2005.

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    Hi all,

    I Havent posted here for a while as I have been so busy.
    I hade some bad news the other day, Im getting made redundent at the end of next week. But on the plus side I may have a job lined up if I can show that I can research new technologies quickly.
    Sounds a bit strange doesnt it, well let me explain.
    I am currently working as a hands on 1st/2nd line support technician for a scanning company, the role is mainly development based ie searching the internet for new sortware and hardware that will make the production team work quicker. This is where the Major Callenge part comes in, the new possition is with a company that is starting a new scanning department, I have been asked to give them advice on the equipment and software setup (this I have no problem with) the other part of the job is to propose an IT solution that will be a complete solution for the whole company, as at present they do not have anytype of system just individual pc's that have there own internet connection.
    Ive been asked to provide:
    A single internet connection with security such as firewall and what ever else is needed
    An Application Server
    A mail server
    and a network to connect all of the above.

    My experience is mainly practical hands on, I obviously wont be able to do everything so I will neet oters help and advice but I have been offered the position of overseeing the whole operation and maintaining it when its done.

    Your help on this matter would be much appreciated. Thank you!
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    this kind of solution depends on MANY factors, and whilst I will post a little bit of help, please bear in mind this is not a true consultation, and I cant be as accurate as i would like without first seeing many many more details :)

    It's sounds like a pretty basic setup, and what they are aiming for is pretty standard, those are two pluses, as it means the outcome is likely to be positive, and the end result attainable

    budget is a major factor to consider here, it effects most of the decision making process below, so i will throw out a few options

    at the minimum your idealy looking at 2 servers, a switch and a firewall
    however i would recommend 3 servers a switch and a firewall :)

    are you looking for an MS based solution? or are you willing to go open source

    + Open source software is err, free
    + requires less beef generally

    - High level of technical compitence required
    - Support is often hard to come by
    - Alien to most users

    if your looking for an MS Solution your likely going to want an active directory, this takes one server as the Domain controller, you then want a file server (file server and WSUS server, dont ever forget your patching) and a mail server, seperate servers is recommended for these idealy, exchange is your best bet for coverage, its an entire groupware solution, which is well documented and supported, however its a beast, and may well be overkill for your needs

    firewall options are endless, MS ISA Server 2004 is very nice, as are Cisco PIX and Checkpoint, but by using MS ISA your keeping your technology the same, easing managbility and reducing support costs generally, you also have the option of enabling VPN access for users to work from home/the road, and publishing your exchange server via ISA rather than plonking it on a DMZ and worrying about security issues

    all of this is rather irellivent if you tell me this is a 2 man company currently using seperate dial up modems though ;)

    like i said, this is really a broad overview, and i've only really touched on MS products, its usually a VERY tailormade process

    feel free to GMAIL me if you want more discussions offboard :)
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