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Problem MAC issues

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by zxspectrum, Jan 22, 2014.

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  1. zxspectrum

    zxspectrum Gigabyte Poster Premium Member

    Well i say MAC issues but who knows, im after picking brains with this one i suppose

    Where i work we have 20 macs but only 10 scanners, what id like to know is can you get a dual USB lead that i could plug into 2 macs, so that they are both connected to the scanner, effectively sharing it, and would it cause any issues like ownership of the scanner or would both macs be able to see it independently and use it as such ????

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  2. Makaveli

    Makaveli Byte Poster

    I have seen this done on Windows PCs multiple times, there are USB switch devices that allow for a scanner to be connected to 2 PCs. I assume the switches would work on Macs too but as I havent had to do it I cant be 100%.

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