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    Man gets killed and gets put on the down elavator!!!
    Doors open, phew, wow its hot!!!

    He starts walking past all the infernos, when a Demon stops him..

    Demon says, whats the matter? you look really miserable. Man says, well, im in Hell arent i? Course i look miserable!

    Demon says, do you like drinking? Yeh i like drinking the man says... Demon says, well, Mondays we drink beer, whiskey, Tequilla, untill were sick and then start drinking again. Its no problem we're dead!! You'll love it!!

    Demon says, do you like Gambling? Yeh i like Gambling the man says... Well, Tuesdays we play Poker all day, no limits, its ok if you lose, we're dead!! You'll love it...

    Demon says, do you like Smoking?, yeh i love it, man says... Well, Wednesdays we smoke Cigars from Cuba, the best there is all day long, dont worry, we're dead! you'll love it.....

    Demon says, do you like Drugs?, yeh i love Drugs... Well, Thursdays we snort copious amounts of Cocain, smoke the biggest joints you've ever seen, whats to worry about, we're dead! you'll love it...

    Demon says, are you Gay? man says, NO IM NOT!!!

    Youre gonna hate Fridays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  2. moominboy

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    dont get it. :blink

    is friday gay night?

    hahaha! just kidding mate, nice one! :ymca :cowboy :queen :afro :build

    p.s jak/si. we need more ymca emoticons,purely for comical reasons!
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  3. Jakamoko
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    Jakamoko On the move again ...

    You mean the work of art above is not enough ? WTF are you planning here ? Gay Emoticon Pride ? :blink
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  4. Missy

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    Good one Kat... :biggrin
    And moomin I like the village people :smilescol
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  5. moominboy

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    well....nah not really it just would've worked better on the reply

    :ymca :cowboy :afro :frman :batman ???

    Gay Emoticon Pride would be highly humourous though........
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