Lockdown! Securing Your Certification

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    Lockdown! Securing Your Certification

    Since we periodically have discussions about braindumps and other activity that has an impact on certification test validity, I thought this article came along at the right time. -Trip

    You are scanning a system user’s bulletin board, when you happen upon a string of messages exchanging inside information about an upcoming exam for system administrators. How would you react?

    A. Chat it up to learn more about the exam.
    B. Ignore it. You’ve studied for the upcoming exam, so you don’t need to know the actual test questions.
    C. Send a message asking the participants to stop leaking exam content. You don’t want to see your certification devalued.
    D. Contact the certification program management and inform them of the activity.

    For the complete article, click Here
    Certifications: A+ and Network+


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