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    Just thought I would create a list of the places I buy my IT books from as I buy a lot and I'm a tightarse so always source the cheapest places.

    Amazon - Probably the best known for books that most of use probably have used in the past but in my experience most of the time they aint the cheapest. Good delivery times and using Amazon Marketplace can usually save you a tidy sum compared to Amazon's own price.

    Superbook Deals - An American online book shop that is a little gem. Sells a lot on Amazon Marketplace but they have their own website and they deliver to the UK. It's a bit of a joke that you can buy books from across the Atlantic for cheaper than you can here. I've save a lot of money with them on books. Delivery is $10 per book which sounds a lot but usually still works out cheaper than most places. Use a currency converter to see how much it will cost in £. Delivery can be a couple of weeks so don't use them if you want your books in a rush. For the American's amongst us this maybe a good website for you as well.

    Computer Manuals - I've used Computer Manauls for a while now and if you sign up to their newletter sometimes you get discounts from them. Another tip if you write a review on a book they usually send you a 5% off coupon to save a little extra. They also have free delivery on purchases over £5 which I think is excellent.

    Cut Price Books - Just recently found this website but they are pretty good and have reasonable prices. Delivery starts at £3.50. I've never bought from them direct only through Amazon Market Place.

    These are mainly the places I use to buy books if anyone has any places to add feel free I would be interested to have a look. I think the main thing is to shop around and you will save a tidy sum rather than shopping at Amzon all the time...:D
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