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    Hi all,
    just bought a copy of Mandrake 9.2. Thought i would try it out its good, i think. Very different when youre brainwashed with windows. Loads to learn though. Iv dual booted it with XP on my no2 laptop. Also i got an ISO image off the net, Linux boot thing, its great if you forget the XP password, works great... Learnings great when you pick up new things and they work...
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    Welcome to a larger world, Kat. There is alot to learn. Linux is quite different than Windows, especially the file structure and how things operate on the command line. Mandrake is one of the more "newbie" friendly distros to start out with (tho I'm sure Ryan will be in here any second to render his opinion. :tongue.

    Ask any questions you might have. I'm no expert but Ryan has a good command of Linux and I'm sure he'll be able to lend a hand. :wink:
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