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Discussion in 'Linux / Unix Discussion' started by Phoenix, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. Phoenix
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    I plan on writing a series of Linux distro reviews to follow alongside my master classes (if i have time, alot of shite just got kicked up for me atm :/ )
    I want to give readers an opinion on various distros, including some live CDs so they can gauge what might be a useful starting point for them, and where they might want to progress, some contenders for my reviews are as follows

    Slax (Live CD)
    Knoppix (Live CD)
    Red Hat Fedora Core 1
    Red Hat Fedora Core 2
    Debian SARGE (testing)
    Libranet (Debian Based, apparantly very good)
    Mandrake (if i ever get it working)
    Suse (maybe, i dont use it enough)
    OpenBSD (servers mainly)

    these will not be long super reviews, although some will, but they will mainly focus on areas i feel new linux users require the most input
    The Installation, Package Management, and your ability to do daily tasks out of the box! expect the first one to follow soon :)
    im awaiting word from Libranet for a review copy
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  2. SimonV
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    Sounds great, if you need anything give me a shout.
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  3. tripwire45
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    You da man, Phoenix! :D [​IMG]
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  4. wizard

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    I look forward to reading your reviews, as I'm going to play around with Linux for the next computer I build. :)
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  5. Sandy

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    Well done that man! Life is just TOO busy to do anything like that here.
    "if i have time, alot of shite just got kicked up for me atm :/" we all know that feeling - just blaime IT

    Red Hat Fedora 2 and Mandrake are my 2 usual distros - why? No idea just there the ones I know and love - We use RedHat V9 at work and I use Mandrake on a PC at home. Installed a dreal for me. :p

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