Level 1 and 2 Cache??

Discussion in 'A+' started by elli5on, Dec 17, 2005.

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    Just a quick question really regarding level 1 and 2 Cache on a CPU, would i be rite in thinking it was some kind of buffer enhancement??

    Some help on this would be helpful....

    Many Thanks

    Craig Ellison

    P.S-sorry to bother you all so early this morning :D
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  2. binbox

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    Hi Elli5on L1 and L2 cache are high speed storage areas for data the cpu uses most often. Although they are quite limited in size compared to conventional RAM but they only realy handle core file a few KB's each.

    They are composed of SRAM ( Static RAM ) which doesn't need to be refreshed making the information stored there available at anytime, the CPU first searches the L1 if it finds what it wants then it's a hit, a miss will pass it to L2 and so on.

    They can be both on the CPU die itself or the L2 located on the MOBO they are high speed as they run at the same speed as the CPU and or the FSB.

    Hope this helps and don't worry about it being early I have 2 kids under 6 and you know what that means. (DICK AND DOM) :biggrin

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