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    I am doing the database level 2 and 3 course with Learndirect and beginning to wish I had not bothered. I still havnt received feedback on stage 1, im on stage 6 and none of my work has been marked still! The first time I sent it they made out they never received it, so I sent it again via email hmm 3 weeks later still nothing. My course end date is 30th April as agreed in my learning agreement if I dont pass by this date I have to pay the full price because it is government funded either that or I get thrown off the course. Well chances are my work wont be marked by that date even if I finish it. They also say they havnt received my enrolment forms for level 3 when I sent them 2 weeks ago what the hell is going on.. oh and they never answer the phone when I ring where is that manager from there who posted here I need to speak to him about this.
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    Since it is goverment funded have you tried appealing to the gov for help. It doesn't sound as if they are fullfilling their contract to your or the goverment. There has to be someone that can help you with this and protect you rights and gov as well.
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    Hey Ant,

    Sounds like you are having a right nightmare!! [​IMG]

    I'm not going to ask what learning centre you are dealing with but unfortunately this is a common problem among ‘some’ centres. What I have experienced throughout Learndirect is that you have two types of tutors, one is a course tutor (specialist) and the other is a personal tutor (administrator). Everybody and I mean everybody HAS to have a personal tutor; it’s almost like a Learndirect Law to have one. The course catalogue is massive, bragging some 700+ courses available. From my experience Database is one subject my personal tutors try to avoid, I have to tutor these learners. I can probably guess a few outcomes here:

    1. The personal tutors are not experience enough to mark you work and are awaiting a course tutor to mark it?

    2. Sometimes the Learndirect system plays up, but you have sent it numerous times?

    3. May have done a recent marketing splurge and are just to busy?

    Not what you really want to here but I have experienced those in the past.

    Do they have a separate enrolment department or is it all done in the Learndirect Centre? The reason I ask this is because some Centres are part of a College and it’s the Colleges enrolment dept that may be slow. I do also say that Learners will be charged for the course if its not completed by the agreed date on the Learner agreement, personally in 6 years I never have charged anybody plus if they are not doing much they don't have any grounds to do this. Did you get a complaints procedure in your enrolment pack, I tend to put one in all the packs I know some Centres don't though. You could always find out what geographical Hub they come under and give their local Hub a call, not to complain but just a light kick up the bum.

    I'm unsure if this is against Cert Forums Policy or out of context but if you want to be a Learner with my centre I'm quite happy to take you on.

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