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Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by Fergal1982, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. Fergal1982

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    One of our staff abroad sent us a copy of a quote for a keyboard and mouse for approval. the company had listed the mouse as a laser mouse, and added in brackets next to it that optical was obselete.

    I have to say this kinda gets my goat up. How can optical be obselete? we're talking about fecking MOUSE technology here. BALLS arent obsolete (just a nightmare with fluff etc).

    I reckon these guys just wanted to sell their more expensive laser mice to a clueless punter. If a customer asks for a quote on optical. GIVE them bloody optical. you can always suggest that laser is newer, but at the end of the day i dont particularly see that there is a great deal of difference on this. Yes there is more sensitivity in movement detection but woohoo!

    Rant over

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  2. Boycie
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    As you say. waste of loot! :blink
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    LOL. And I still have yet to try an optical mouse..... I'm still using the Microsoft PS/2 mouse that I bought with my first computer back in 1999. I still use the same wired Microsoft Natural keyboard I bought back then too. (Just because the the letters are worn off a few of the keys is no reason to change it) I guess I'm just completely obsolete.....
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  4. Phoenix
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    I do believe laser would still fall under the optical category if im not mistaken
    the technology is identical bar the fact it uses a laser rather than an LED

    atleast, thats my understanding
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  5. Aureilius

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    Think of the advantages.

    If there was a nuclear attack on GB, we could all point our laser mice up. Thus neutralising the threat. :D

    BTW. My friends laser mouse has left a mass of squiqqly burnholes on his desk & burnholes on his carpet :(
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