Laptop fan has just shut up. (advice please)

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by flex22, Jun 9, 2004.

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    I had my headphones on with loud music playing, but I still usually hear my laptops fan wizzing away.

    Just this minute I thought, eh, my laptop's really quiet, like no sound at all, virtually.

    I'm looking at the fan through the online stereo and I don't think it's spinning round, unless it is really slow.

    I think the fan may have died to be honest.I think I heard a snap or something, vaguely under the music, but can't be sure.

    Suppose I'll have to switch my machine off before it overheates :?:

    What's your advice.

    I'm just savouring how quiet the laptop is while I'm actually using it, it's unbelieveable :D
    but it'll overheat soon so better switch to my trusty desktop.

    EDIT: Quick update.I just put my hand over the fan and it'sblowing out air.So it must be working.Maybe it was another fan (they ahve two fans don't they :?: ) was making the noise, and that's stopped.But I'm pretty sure it's the fan I can see though the speakers that was making all the noise.

    If all is well, and it's just a case that the fan's suddenly gone quiet, then that's absolutely brilliant.Maybe somethings been clogging it all this time, and it's managed to blow it out or something.Can't get over this.
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    Hopefully, you shut the thing down the minute you suspected a problem (especially after last time!). I'd keep it off until I had time to deal with it, then I'd power it up and look and listen very closely to see if the fans were working. Usually fans down blow all the time, only when triggered by the thermostat that the temp is up (my Dell laptop is on but sleeping just fan noise until I put it through its paces). If you suspect something, turn it off, open it up and take a look. Maybe a fan cable is loose and it's not getting power or only getting it intermittently. Geez, overheating laptops are scary. Let us know how you get on.
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    if your laptop uses an intel processor overheating wont cause a major problem, your PC should slow down and get really sluggish as it gets hoter, so if this is the case you will know that yes, a fan, somewhere, has broken, if your running an AMD chip turn it off until you know whats going on, they dont like heat much!
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