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  1. Newbie

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    While reading through posts i keep seeing people refer to their "Lab" for training, im asuming they just mean their PC but is there more to it?

    Could someone explain this for all us noobs?
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  2. simongrahamuk
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    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    A Lab is where you test things out, think of a science lab.

    When most people mantion Lab's they mean test computers that they regullarly change the settings on.

    Most people will have a PC that they use as their main computer that is setup to work the way that they want, with the programs that they want to use on it. A lab PC is usually an additional PC where, you regullarly change settings and tinker, etc.

    I hope that has clarified things up for you?

    I won't go into network Labs, etc.

  3. Modey

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    To add to what Simon wrote ...

    Another common thing to do when setting up 'labs' is to use software such as VMWare Workstation, or Virtual PC which allows you to run 'virtual' PC's that you can then install various operating systems on.

    So on a single PC you may have a Windows 2003 server and several Windows XP Clients all running within a program such as VMWare. For all intents and purposes it's almost the same as having real PC's there but it can get complicated when it comes to networking. Very handy to be able to easily wipe and re-install and OS etc.. You can even (in VMWare's case) take snapshots of your various installs and roll them back to previous state's if you manage to break them (be it accidentally or on purpose :) ).
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    I use VMware both when I'm learning and when I'm writing. Labs can take many different forms. As Modey said, you can set up an entire virtual network inside one physical PC using VMware or some other virtualization software. Of course, you need the actual operating system install disks and licenses so you can install your virtual machines.

    A physical lab would consist of PCs, laptops probably a hub or switch and perhaps a router depending on what you are studying. There is also router and switch sim software you can buy to practice on.
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  5. Newbie

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    cool thanks guys,

    now u mention it i might dig that old pc outta my attic an pop windows 9x on it to tinker with.

    Much Obliged :)
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  6. Bluerinse
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    You can learn quite a lot from Windows 9x IMHO and the A+ still covers things pertaining to that platform.

    MSDOS and Windows 3.11 is a nice combo too 8)
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