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Just Failed 70-291

Discussion in 'Network Infrastructure' started by elpTech, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. elpTech

    elpTech New Member

    I just failed the 70-291 exam with 673 points! I used the MS press books and Transcender software to study. I can honestly say that I know every answer in the Transcender test. I didn't just memorize the answers I actually know why each answer is what it is. What threw me for a loop was the simulations and WSUS 3.0. Transcender is outdated to say the least. All the WSUS related questions on Transcender are about SUS 2.0. I got 6 simulations right off the bat and was a little lost. Can anyone recommend a way to prepare for the simulations? I know hands one experience is the best way but I dont use MS RRAS at work and I'm a Sys Admin that doesnt have Enterprise rights. Even then I cant practice in my production environment :)
  2. SimonD
    Honorary Member

    SimonD Terabyte Poster

    So? build an environment for yourself.

    There are enough free resources out there to allow you to do that (MS offer Virtual PC or Hyper-V server, VMware offer Server 2 which are all free). There are also eval editions of the OS that you can install (you may even find MS have got VHD files for them, failing that VMware may well have them in their Appliance section).

    As far as WSUS goes, if you have the test environment going then you will be able to load it up and play with it.
    The same with RRAS, you can't expect to sit an exam without having first played with all the components on the OS (that you are to be tested on) and honestly expect to pass the exam? Even if it's just to get to know what the screens look like.
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  3. supernova

    supernova Gigabyte Poster

    Did you check for updates on the Transcender backoffice for your account?
    I know when i install Transcender i have to check for updates to get latest.

    yep build a home lab is the best way
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2010
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  4. Rockstar

    Rockstar Bit Poster

    Don't worry about it too much - you actually almost passed. They are right you need to setup a lab so you can play with it, it will help you understand the in and outs of the system/screens.

    I have to retake it as well :blink It's my last exam before becoming an MCSA!
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    Just keep your head up mate. I know you can pass it with your 2nd shot coz your score was pretty close. build your home lab it really help as well coz server 2003 exams there was loads of simulation questions. I just passed my 290 last month and had 9 simulations. I booked my exam by tommorow april 9 hope I can kill the BEAST coz I was in my home Lab all the time and preparing with simulations again and subnetting as well. I read the 291 update exam has few subnetting.
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  6. xmojo

    xmojo Nibble Poster

    What they said. Play around with all the different consoles. You can download WSUS 3.0 from Microsoft. Install it on a Windows Server 2003 computer in a virtual lab and familiarise yourself with the WSUS console. SUS 2.0 and WSUS 3.0 both do the same thing, just that their consoles are different to each other. It looks as if you were unfamiliar with the WSUS 3.0 console and that threw you off a bit. It doesn't help that the 290 exam deals with SUS 2.0 and the 291 exam looks at WSUS 3.0.
  7. skulkerboyo

    skulkerboyo Megabyte Poster

    Er . . . .this was in February guys. Nice of you to be supportive of the chap but a read of the date goes a long way:confused3
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  8. ravnil

    ravnil Bit Poster

    Sorry, I too failed 70-291 last sunday. There were 10 simulations out of 40 questions. I used MeasureUp that is shipped with MS Training Kit. It was useless with simulations not working. Their customer support seems to be worse. didn't even acknowledge my email. I was thinking of going for Transcender, but have second thoughts after your experience.
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  9. michael78

    michael78 Terabyte Poster

    With 70-291 your getting into the realms of needing a testing rig. It was the first exam I really thought ahh right this isn't going to be easy so I setup a testing rig. Don't know if the HP ML115 servers are still around but remeber picking one up for less that £200 and buying 4GB RAM. It really does make things a lot easier to understand if you can do it yourself. I personally wouldn't mess with your production environment at work.

    Oops just saw this from posted in Feb doh!!
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