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Juniper NSM - Build project

Discussion in 'Networks' started by BraderzTheDog, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. BraderzTheDog

    BraderzTheDog Kilobyte Poster

    Hi all,

    I've recently started a new job, and its going great! Getting to use alot of my Juniper firewall skills across their large deployment of ScreenOS (SSG) and JunOS (SRX) platforms.

    I went down into the data centre the other day to find a NSM express appliance not being used. Since we have around 50 - 100 firewalls, it would be nice to get these managed on NSM, I do also have alot of experience administering NSM.

    However here's the bug... The appliance needs rebuilding, I believe its been stood there for a while with probably on a really old version of NSM that WONT support our SRX infrastructure. The newer versions of NSM 2012.2 specifically does support bother SSG / SRX family! IDEAL!

    The problem I have is, I have never build NSM from scratch on a dedicated appliance. I've built it on CentOS and then installed NSM on top of this and it runs flawlessly! The problem about implimenting this into a corporate environment is the fact that Juniper doesn't support builds running on CentOS only builds running on RHEL! Well there goes that out of the Window, I think a red hat license would cost a good £1000 to start with. This isn't a practical idea and I've only been at this new Job a WEEK! I really don't want to go saying they need to buy RHEL licenses.

    Anyhoo, I've built it in VMWare on my own personal machine (running a CentOS kernel) now I somehow have to figure out how to put it on the NSMexpress box in our datacentre (I think its running Solaris which is supported by Juniper)... another however... I don't have a Jpartner account anymore since I left my last job... So no installation guides for doing this.

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  2. BrizoH

    BrizoH Byte Poster

    I've got a Juniper account and seem to have access to the NSM admin guides, there's loads of them though :)

    If you know which one I can download and send you the PDF?

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    Actually, just seen that you've already given the version - 2012.2

    I've downloaded the admin and installer PDF's, PM me your email address and I'll send them
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