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job opportunities near Glasgow

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by sparky1888, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. sparky1888

    sparky1888 Byte Poster

    hi guys.....was reading a thread about job opportunities(or the lack of them!!) in and around Glasgow......
    there is a contact centre out in Airdrie called
    ...this is where i broke into the it industry...
    NOW....i do have to say this......
    it is a contact centre, so although most of us are looking for that "hands on" role, i got my experience through this company,
    and it has led on to me securing a great job with a certain computer manufacturer that only sells on the web.....
    mmmm, i wonder who that is?!?!?

    anyway, i just thought that it may help anyone out there looking for that foot in the door that we all so need to start our careers.
    This is where i worked on the AOL project.....
    although i have learned that AOL have pulled their contract as it was outsource....but NTL, Tiscali and Telewest are based there...it is worth a shot...they are always looking for staff.
    all the best to you all
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  2. Honda

    Honda Bit Poster

    how long did you have to work there before you got enough experience for the other job? i have been thinking of trying there in january to gain experience, i have a degree. Im working in a factory just now because i couldnt find an IT job:rolleyes:
  3. sparky1888

    sparky1888 Byte Poster

    i now feel quite guilty ,
    here i am going on about how good a job iv just landed,
    mate, get in there fast, use the place as a lilly pad to leap frog on to bigger and better things...keep an eye on yer private messages!!!!
    Certifications: Cerco's CCSN A+ DCSE
    WIP: MCITP , N+
  4. Alan Clinch

    Alan Clinch Bit Poster

    I got a job for a major IT firm in Glasgow.

    What type of experience or degree do you have they are always looking for folk. IT helpdesk roles.
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  5. sparky1888

    sparky1888 Byte Poster

    I worked for AOhell for a few months before getting my new job,
    anyone wanting to get into IT has to understand that you may have to take a cut in pay to get the experience.....
    thats just my opinion ,
    look at the bigger picture, low pay = experience,
    experience = chance of getting a better job
    getting better job = better pay
    better pay= better lifestyle

    just stay focussed on what you really want and try to make it happen, thats what i did, im sure im not the only one :biggrin

    Certifications: Cerco's CCSN A+ DCSE
    WIP: MCITP , N+
  6. NetEyeBall

    NetEyeBall Kilobyte Poster

    Just wanted to throw this out there that higher pay doesn't necessarily = a better life style. But it does help pay the bills.
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