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IT worker jailed for hacking into his former employer's systems

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. wagnerk
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    IT worker jailed for hacking into his former employer's systems

    An IT worker sacked for lying on his CV hacked into his former company's systems and removed vital information, New Scotland Yard has revealed.

    Julius Oladiran, 46, of South Norwood, London, lost his database developer job after employers realised he was not qualified and had lied about having a BSc, an MSc, and working for the Ministry of Defence and the Labour Party.

    He installed spyware on the company's network to find out what former colleagues were saying about him. His departure meant that a project had to be cancelled, which led to job losses at the small company.

    Oladiran was discovered when a company worker noticed his mouse moving around the screen apparently by itself.

    Read the whole article here.

    Moral of article: [glow=3]Don't lie on your CV.[/glow]

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    1. zebulebu
      Secondary moral of article - don't install Logmein and consider yourself an uberhacker. Tool.
    2. onoski

      Classic:) and bet you that's what he used for real or probably DameWare. He was not a hacker but a joker.
    3. Sparky
      Probably used remote desktop to get straight onto the domain controller.
    4. onoski

      Even better, please someone stop me :):):):):):):)
    5. grim
      No moral is don't get caught lying on your CV :dry

    6. wagnerk
      lol :lol:, he just could have stated that he had a Doctorate, instead of a BSc & MSc.


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