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IT Job seekers going nowhere

Discussion in 'News' started by UKDarkstar, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. UKDarkstar
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    IT Job Seekers going nowhere

    The economic gloom has well and truly hit the IT job market, with fewer ICT jobs advertised, fewer job seekers and a lack of interest in training, according to new research.

    During the third quarter of last year, overall demand for staff in the UK fell by five per cent quarter-on-quarter, a report by IT skills body e-skills UK found. For IT, however, the picture is even bleaker: the number of positions on offer declined by 10 per cent.

    Falling demand was recorded for both permanent and contract posts, with vacancy numbers dropping by nine per cent and 13 per cent quarter-on-quarter respectively.

    Alex Farrell, managing director of The IT Job Board, has also noted a drop in IT jobs advertised, with both contract and permanent positions feeling the pinch.

    Read the full story : Here
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    1. wagnerk
      I'm surprised at that number... I would have thought that, especially in this climate, that training would have been snapped up.

    2. UKDarkstar
      Me too !
    3. drum_dude
      I've noticed that salaries/hourly rates are dropping in the Support sector. I have those dailiy emals set up from Jobsite and CW Jobs and am bemused at getting Job Ads for the likes of Cisco engineers etc for a rate of £15 per hour????? First one of this type I thought it was an agent just fishing, but I've had about 6 or 7 over the past week. I've noticed 1st and 2nd line positions are now hovering between £8 - £10 per hour. Obviously this is not conclusive but I'm pretty positive that the days of £18 - £22 an hour for IT Support are now gone.
    4. drum_dude
      But could that be read as lack of interest in training from employers?
    5. wagnerk
      At £8 ph that's £15,392 pa, based on a 37 hour week. At £10 ph that's £19,240 pa, based on the same hours. £18 to £22 ph would be £34,632 to £42,328.

      £15k for a 1st line support, I think that's ok. The salary for my first IT job was £12.5k.

      What do you guys think?

    6. wagnerk
      I don't know, the article did said:

      However it doesn't actually say whether or not the training was fully funded or if the employees/IT staff had to contribute...

    7. drum_dude
      Sorry Ken, I was refering to the contract rates that I had seen in the past.
    8. wagnerk
      Sorry mate, I was comparing it was my salary when I was tier 1/2, lapse in memory... Contract wages are, for the most part, always higher than permanent positions due to the fact that they ain't permanent and should in theory make up for the times inbetween work... (or that's how the agency put it when i was working for them, not IT though).

      But yeah, I know what you mean, wage offerings seem to have not been as high as they use to be...

    9. drum_dude
      My first IT job back in 1999 was at 7 quid an hour for a school but was pro rata. The next IT job was at £11500pa in 2002. Quids in LOL!
    10. wagnerk
      Mine was about £6.50 (£12.5k pa), but that was full time. And like you the next job, after getting experience & a couple of certs, improved my "quality of life" :lol:

    11. dmarsh
      First job was £1.75 ph at PayLess DIY hardware store, saturdays only.

      First IT job £12k pa.

      I agree those contract rates look very low indeed, contract is totally different to perm.

      Salaries were probably over inflated in some areas, most of the sensible rates I see look more realistic. There are however a vast amount of rediculously low rates and positions around, I put this down to recruiters trying their luck. The main problem seems to be a dead market with few new openings and people sitting tight.
    12. JK2447
      I'm still in my 1st IT job and I'll never forget, I got a admin assistant job on 7.5k in 1999! 6 weeks later an internal position came up as a Mainframe Operator which I got, £13333! I never forgot because what a random number. Ten years later, well, on just a little bit more than that ha ha 8)

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